Merchant Registration

We’re recruiting merchants across the Island to accept Canada’s Food Island Gift Cards*. 

Who Should Participate

  • Restaurants & Takeouts
  • Authentic PEI Products & Producers
  • Culinary Adventures
  • Farmers and Fishers
  • Local Farmers’ Markets
  • Local Retailers
  • Golf Courses
  • Tours
  • Attractions

What's the Criteria?

  • Must have a Point of Sale (POS) System that accepts credit cards
  • All Qualified merchants must cater to the visitor market  and be a locally owned and operated business with headquarters situated in Prince Edward Island. 
  • Examples of qualified retailers include, those that sell soft goods, food and local artisan products (ie. clothing & shoe stores, craft & souvenir shops). If you have any questions wether your business is eligible please reach out to

Why Participate?

It’s FREE to sign up as a merchant

There is a 5% interchange rate on all purchases with the use of the gift card.

Easy to Redeem

Straightforward to set up and easy to run. All you need is a POS system that accepts credit cards.

Attract New Customers

Consumers explore more when they have a gift card and over 15% of redemptions are made by consumers trying a business for the first time.

Increase Spending

Consumers spend on average 65% more than the value of the gift card.

Brand Loyalty

It’s the ultimate endorsement and encourages consumers to discover more of Canada’s Food Island.

Convenience Product

Give the gift of Canada’s Food Island redeemable at businesses Island-wide.

How To Accept the Cards?

  • Accept the cards just like you would a debit or credit card. It’s as simple as running it through your POS system.
  • As soon as it’s used the funds are automatically deposited into your account. There’s no manual reconciliation and typically there is an overspend on top of the value of the gift card.
  • The Interchange rate is 5% on the pre-loaded value of the card (companies receive 95% of funds). It’s as simple as that. No risk, just the 5% fee when the card is used at your business.

How do I Sign Up?

Step 1

Fill out details for our online directory, which lets consumers know where Canada’s Food Island Gift Cards* are accepted.

Step 2

Complete and sign the merchant agreement.

Step 3

We’ll come by and visit you to activate your POS.
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